Are you searching for 50th anniversary party ideas for the special day of your grandparents? I have here some items that you need to consider during your planning stage.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: The Theme

50th Anniversary Party Ideas themesOne of the important aspects of a celebration is the theme. It helps set the mood of the event.

The perfect theme for the golden anniversary celebration is going back to the day when they got married.

You can relieve the past through setting up the venue according to the scenario 50 years ago. Let’s say they had an intimate garden wedding.

Have the celebration at a beautiful garden. I am sure both of the couple would love to reminisce the past.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Gifts for the Celebrants

Since it is a golden anniversary, the perfect gift could be something gold. However, if you have a tight budget, I suggest you think something creative.

You can ask all the grandchildren to prepare a song presentation for their grandparents. Let them sing all the favorite songs of the couple.

Another perfect gift is something tangible. Prepare a scrapbook of all the mementos and special things about the couple. You can collect these items from friends and family. I am sure that no money can ever equate these gifts.


Anniversary Etiquette

50th Anniversary Party Ideas plansIf you are the main person who is planning the big event, I suggest you keep in mind the following:

  • You need to send the invitations to the expected guests about four to six weeks before the celebration. This is crucial especially if the date of the event falls on a holiday weekend or if there is a special event in your area.
  • Not everyone is open to the idea of a receiving line at the party venue. I suggest you ask the celebrants if they want to have a receiving line.
  • If you are going to make an anniversary toast speech, you need to be careful on the words you will say and the information you will share. Do not insult any of the celebrants just to crack a joke. Remember, it is their special day.

Your Tasks as the Host

Take note of the following tasks that you need to accomplish as the host of the big celebration:

  • Play songs that the couple loves. You can also consider the famous songs during the decade when they got married. Or if the couple has a specific taste on music, play the songs. However, keep the volume low. Most of your guests would love to have a chit chat with other guests and it would distract them if the volume of the sound system is too high.
  • On your invitations, tell your guests to bring a memento that has a fond memory about the celebrants. Tell them to bring stuff that they are willing to give the couple. It could be a photo when they were playing sports during their younger years.

Planning a big event such as a golden anniversary is not hard as you think. You can organize and plan without a sweat if you keep in mind the above 50th anniversary party ideas.

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