Are you looking for 50th anniversary party ideas that you can apply in the party you are arranging for your grandparents? I have here a list of things that you need to keep in mind when planning for your celebration.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas: The Theme

50th Anniversary Party IdeasHaving a theme in any party is perfect to set the mood of the guests. Since it is the golden anniversary of the couple, it must be everything about them. My suggestions for the theme are the decade when they got married, the couple’s favorite hobby or interest or it could be a black and white party.

If the couple is aware that you are planning a party for them, I advise you to ask them what they want to make sure you are planning according to their preferences. On the other hand, if it is a surprise one, I encourage you to seek help from all family members and friends who are close to the couple. They will be the best persons to give you ideas on what to do for the party.


50th Anniversary Party Ideas: The Set-up and Decorations

The decors that you will use must match with the theme of the anniversary celebration. Display photos of the couple during the 50 years of their marriage. Blow up one photo of the couple when they got married and their recent photo. Have it framed and place it at the entrance of the venue. You can also set up a wall for messages. The guests will write their messages for the couple that the celebrants can keep after the party. Or another option is to put in each table colorful pieces of papers and a pen. Ask each guest to write a memorable event they had with the couple or what they would like to say to them.


The Food to Serve

50th Anniversary Party Ideas The food you will serve your guests must be for all ages. Remember, the event is not only for adults and senior citizens. Expect to have teenagers, kids and toddlers who will be attending the celebration. You need to offer all kinds of healthy food items.

If you can afford to ask for a catering service, I suggest you go for it. But if the budget is tight, it is best to ask each close family friend or member to bring something for the party in order to add in the choices of foods.


Golden Anniversary Party Favors

A golden goodie bag is an excellent party favor. Pack it with different chocolates that any guest would love – young or old. To make sure that some diabetic oldies will still enjoy your party favor, pack separate goodie bags of zero calories chocolates. Another party favor option is a picture frame with a lovely photo of the couple. You can order personalized picture frames from online sellers at a minimal amount if you will order in bulk.

Not everyone gets a chance to celebrate their golden anniversary. It is such a big milestone for any couple. I highly encourage you to plan ahead and follow the above tips and suggestions on 50th anniversary party ideas for you to have a blast of a celebration.

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