]Are you thinking of 50th anniversary party ideas for the upcoming celebration of your parents’ golden anniversary? I have here a list of things that you need to consider in planning a golden anniversary party.

When to Celebrate

50th Anniversary Party Ideas themesIf you are planning your parents’ golden anniversary, I highly encourage you to ask your parents about their plans. It is obvious that the best day to celebrate such milestone is on the day itself. But you need to consider that your parents might have other plans. They might be planning an intimate moment for the two of them. You need to respect that if they prefer to have a celebration on the day itself.

The best day to celebrate with the rest of the family, relatives and friends is the nearest weekend. However, you need to check the calendar if your chosen date is a holiday weekend or there is a big community event. If the date you have chosen falls on any of these events, you might have to consider changing the date because the hotel rooms might be full and the traffic might be heavy. You do not want your expected guests to be stressed. But if you will still insist on the date you want that falls on a holiday or if there is a special event, I highly encourage you to advise all your guests of the date ahead of time. You need to send out a “save the date” email or card.


The Guest List

Start with your family when writing the guest list. Then list down the names of friends, former co-workers, colleagues from their organizations and groups. I suggest you ask your parents who they want to include in the list. Remember, it is their day. There might be people that they do not want to see on such special occasion.


50th Anniversary Party Ideas: The Decorations

50th Anniversary Party Ideas decorationsA party will not be complete without decorating the party venue. Here are some of my suggestions:

  • Display in the party venue the wedding photos of your parents. I am sure most of the guests will be delighted to see how your parents looked like 50 years ago.
  • Showcase the different photos over the years.
  • If the wedding dress of your mom and the suit of your dad are still there, display them.
  • Display the lyrics of the love songs played on the wedding day of your parents.


50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Activities and Games

Include in your program activities and games for your parents and the guests as well. You can have a guessing game. Ask the audience some questions about the couple. Make sure to prepare prizes for the winners.

Have your parents and the guests play a famous game during their younger years. I am sure they will all love to remember the happy memories. You can have another version of this. Ask all the younger generations to play the games in order for them to be aware how the celebrants played the games during their time.

Planning a golden anniversary is not hard as many believe. You can organize and plan without a sweat if you will follow the 50th anniversary party ideas mentioned above.

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