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How to Throw an Engagement Party

So congratulations, you decided to make a commitment to get married and now you’re engaged. Today we are going to go through some ideas on how to throw an engagement party.Typically, the bride’s parents throw the engagement party, but it could actually be anybody. It can be a close friend, a relative who throws the engagement party.Images of Engagement Party Ideas

The first thing that you want to do when you’re planning an engagement party is set a date. And when you’re setting the date make sure that the bride and groom is going to be in town, they are available, that they are available that date.

And then the next thing that you want to do is come up with your guest list and decide where you’re going to be hosting your engagement party. It can be at somebody’s home, it could be at a restaurant, it could be at a banquet hall, anywhere that you like it to be. It can be as casual or elegant as you like it to be.

When you’re looking for your guest list, kind of keeping it small and intimate. You don’t want to invite, you know, all the co-workers and everybody you would, that you would invite to the wedding. Think of just family and close friends and just really celebrate this joyous time with the couple.

When you’re doing a, when you’re doing an engagement party, you’re going to want to try to think of a theme, if you can, and base it off towards like a pairs, like, basically it’s your, your bride and groom, they’re becoming one, they’re becoming a pair together, so you can incorporate the wPictures of Engagement Party Ideashole pairs. You put your menu, you can do things that are pairs like a surf and turf or the cake and ice cream, those are matches, those things go well together. You can put the bride and groom’s pictures, it’s, again, it’s all about them.

When you’re doing an engagement party, you want to be festive of the cocktail type atmosphere, so you want to make sure that you do have a bar on hand, whether it’s catered or you’re going to be hosting at your home.

You want to make sure that you have all the liquors for a bar, make sure you have the appropriate glassware for that. You want to make sure you have your rums, your whiskey, your vodka. You might want to add some, you know, fun Martini glasses and come up with signature cocktail. You can even do like a pair of Martini, kind of make it a little theme. Also very important, make sure you have champagne, champagne glasses, you could do a toast to the bride and groom and wish them well on their engagement and their life together.

So those are some ideas and those are some tips on how to plan an engagement party and I wish you the best of luck.
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Engagement Party Ideas Pictures


Unique engagement party theme ideas! – Wedding Party Fri, 09 Jan 2015 06:00:00 -0800

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photos of engagement party ideas Engagement Party Ideas + Inspiration

Loving this cute summery playsuit from Karibu Boutique here in Adelaide. Perfect for a casual engagement party or hen’s celebrations with the girls!

Buy it here:

#wedding #engagaement #weddingideas #hensnight #bachelorette

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 Decorating for a 40th Birthday Celebration

Images of 40th Birthday Party IdeasRemember these over-the-hill black and white balloons for 40th birthdays? Well we’re going to forget that because that is just way too negative.

However, we’re going to stick with the classic black and white theme for this 40th birthday centerpiece.

For the table, you could chose a fun black and white polka dot fabric.

Then add white hydrangeas to carry out the black and white theme and since lime is my favorite color, I would chose some lime green flowers to accent. Maybe a flashy soft table scarf that you can also use to pop that color.

You can also use white plates which I like to do because they go with everything but you can also buy paper products in any color you want for easy clean up or to again, add that color.

40th Birthday Party Ideas Pictures

There’s lots of colors that play with black and white, blue, orange, pink and yellow, anything you want.

And the real star of your centerpiece are the black and white photos of the birthday celebrant.

You could have pictures of them from birth to now and in all in black and white and then attach them to your ribbon with some binder clips and the black and white theme is again carried out.

We’ve carried out the black and white theme with the pops of lime green and for our centerpiece we have the flowers, the black and white, the lime green and part of that is the star of the show, our birthday celebrant, in black and white photos.
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