Are you thinking of 50th anniversary party ideas that you can do on your parents’ celebration? I have here some tips and suggestions that you need to remember in order to make the celebration a blast.


Plan Ahead

50th Anniversary Party cakesNot all couples will reach 50 years of marriage. It is such a big milestone that needs a celebration. You will be able to celebrate your grandparents’ anniversary without any problems if you will organize and plan ahead.

You need a lot of a time to brainstorm all the details you have to attend to. For instance, you need to write down the items that you need to order ahead of time and just in time for the big event.

The perfect example is the invitations. You need to work on this first because you need to send the invites to the expected guests at least a month before the celebration.


Organize Your Stuff

You need to organize all the items you need for the party. Get a multi-pocket folder where you can put the information sheets or brochures of the services and establishments that you want to hire for the big event.

Have a journal where you can write the contact details and some notes about the party. You need to help yourself during your planning stage in order to prevent getting confused.


50th Anniversary Party Ideas: The Guest List

50th Anniversary Party Ideas entertainmentA golden anniversary is a big event. Make sure that all the important people will be there. Start listing down the names of family members, relatives, friends, former colleagues and even neighbors.

Take note that if you are planning a party for someone else, you need to ask the celebrants whom they want to invite. You need to consider that guests will come as a family.

You have to expect oldies and little guests like the great grandchildren of the couple. If you are having a sit-down lunch or dinner, it would be best to assign seats to lessen the confusion on the event itself.


50th Anniversary Party Ideas: Entertainment

I highly encourage you to set-up some musical entertainment. You can hire a band and a DJ. Make sure that you discuss with the DJ or with the band the choice of music of the celebrants.

Give them a list of songs that you would like them to sing and play. Tell them as well that they should be open for requests from the audience to make the event more fun and lively. You can also hire the services of other entertainers such as caricature artists and dancers.

A perfect entertainment for all is a slideshow of photos of the couple throughout the 50 years of their marriage. Collect memorable photos from close family members and friends. Put captions on the photos in order to make the audience aware of the story behind each photo. I am sure everyone will be smiling to see old and new photos of the couple.

Planning a golden anniversary is easy if you know what you need to do. Follow the above 50th anniversary party ideas and plan your grandparents’ golden anniversary without a sweat.

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